Non-resident companies and wealth tax

Non-residents who hold shares in Spanish companies or in foreign companies with real estate in Spain are obliged to pay wealth tax. We explain some interesting facts that you should be aware of if you are affected: Wealth and non-residentsThe cases in which non-residents have to file a tax return are the same as for […]

There is still time to correct errors in the income tax return

The clock is ticking inexorably and 30 June is the deadline for filing income and wealth tax returns (IRPF). Although this deadline is voluntary, it is an unavoidable tax obligation for all Spanish residents. But beware: even if you have already complied with this tax obligation, you still have the possibility to correct your tax […]

Internet content creators and their taxation

Since the entry into force of the new general law on audiovisual communication, one of the most important points is the obligation of platforms to protect users and minors from certain content.One of the most important points is the obligation of platforms to protect users and minors from certain content, as well as the self-regulation […]

Tax advantages of the new telework visa

In a world characterised by an increasingly globalised economy and the growing weight of technology companies and international teleworking, it is becoming more and more important to attract talent and investment by creating legal scenarios that are suitable for entrepreneurs and digital nomads.Given this situation, and based on current trends in international worker mobility, one […]

The most important tax changes for 2023

At the end of December last year, the Spanish government approved the budget for 2023, including the introduction of various tax changes. The fiscal and tax measures apply from the current budget year and therefore do not affect the 2022 tax return, which should be filed in May and June 2023. However, you should take […]

The new contribution rates for the self-employed in 2023

As we announced in August, the new contribution system for self-employed people in Spain will come into force on 1 January 2023. It is therefore advisable that self-employed people inform themselves about the new obligations and the changes to be taken into account in order to start the new year right. The new system will […]

The importance of the digital certificate for communication with public administrations

Due to new technologies and the health pandemic triggered by COVID-19, we have adapted to conduct most of our procedures online, and in this context, the digital certificate has become very important. It helps to verify the online identity of both individuals and companies, ensuring better communication with public administrations. A digital certificate has also […]

Important tax changes for the coming year 2023

On 5 October, the Spanish government approved the new tax proposals for the coming year 2023, which will mainly affect large assets and companies and will bring important innovations in taxes such as income tax and corporate tax.One of the concerns that citizens and business people have is the extent to which they will be […]