Changes application of spanish NIE number.

The processing of a NIE number (Foreigner identification number) in Spain were previously handled through a Spanish authority by means of a personal application or a special notarial power of attorney. Due to the current high demand for new NIE number applications, the application by notarial special power of attorney has been temporarily suspended and currently this number can only be applied for in the presence of the applicant.

Nevertheless, and as soon as the processing of NIE numbers by means of a notarial special power of attorney is resumed, in cases where the notarial special power of attorney and the matching of documents took place outside Spain, the foreign EU citizen must prove that he or she was in Spain at the time of application, by means of a boarding pass or flight ticket with proof of the date of entry. If the application form is signed by the applicant himself/herself (and not by his/her representative), he/she is also considered to have made the application in Spain and he/she must therefore also prove that he/she was present in Spain at the time of signing.

On the other hand, in cases where the signatory of the application is the representative and the special power of attorney was granted before a notary in Spain, there are no problems with this admission.
In any case, we would like to remind you that if you are not in Spain, you can also apply for the NIE number certificate at your respective embassy or consulate.

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