Measures for entry into Spain

Palma de Mallorca, 30th of April 2020
As of today we have the following information about entering Spain.
The answer varies depending on where your second home is located. If you are in Mallorca, i.e. in the same province where you have your primary residence, you can start the first phase, which is scheduled for 11 May.
However, if your second home is in a province other than the one in which you live, you will not be able to enter it until the new normality is restored, which is expected to be the end of June.
With regard to the requirements or presentation of documents to enter Spain for foreigners, the following applies.
Please bear in mind that this information is as of today’s date and that measures are currently changing daily.
Citizens of the European Union and their family members may enter/exit Spain for one of the following reasons and must provide proof of their identity when requested by the competent authority.
a) who are registered as residents in Spain or who go directly to their place of residence in another member state or Schengen associated state.
(b) Cross-border workers.
(d) Healthcare professionals.
(e) Cargo and commercial air transport personnel
(f) diplomatic and consular staff, staff of international organisations, military personnel and members of humanitarian organisations in the performance of their duties.
(g) persons travelling for compelling family reasons and duly identified.
(h) persons who can produce evidence of force majeure or distress or whose entry has been authorised on humanitarian grounds
European citizens who are in one of the above-mentioned cases and have the appropriate documentation can make the corresponding journey to the destination country, although we recommend that you first contact the consulate to find out about the conditions and specific legislation in Spain that apply to the corresponding entry.
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