New tax benefits for property tax in 2022

Up to 50% reduction if you install an electric car charger at home or at work.

Self-consumption is a reality today and will remain so, so with the publication of the Royal Decree-Law of 21 December 2021, new advantageous ways will be opened to encourage accelerated development of electric mobility and self-consumption of renewable energy. Fortunately, through their tax ordinances and under the protection of this Royal Decree-Law, the municipalities have the possibility to authorise new bonuses for property tax, from which you, as a consumer, can greatly benefit and which are listed below:

Thus, there is now a reduction of up to 50% of the full IBI rate for all consumers who install charging stations for electric vehicles on their properties, provided that these installations have been approved by the administration.

The same applies to taxpayers with charging stations for electric vehicles on their business premises and with the relevant administrative permits.

Tax reductions of up to 90% are granted for work required for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Since January of this year, corresponding applications for tax reductions can be submitted to the municipal administrations. We will be happy to help you if you need further

information or if you would like to submit an application at the town hall of your municipality.

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